No one wants to see your Spotify Wrapped.

Sike. I'm the friend who was sending the Spotify Wrapped link to everyone waiting to see if I was going to hit them back with the clapping emoji or give them shit for having Drake as their #1 artist (you know you who are). 

I had, at most, 3 people ask me what my top songs/artists were this year, including a threat from one of my friends if Phoebe Bridgers wasn't in that coveted list. Against all odds, she was not. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% confident in my results. I promise you I didn't have Blinding Lights on repeat all year but alas The Weeknd was featured on both my top songs and top artists. 

Go ahead, roast me. Anyway, here are the rest.

I dropped a playlist below as well, including my #1 song of the year- Hello? by Clairo, a Blinding Lights (lol) cover by The Naked and Famous, and a brand new single Soft Spot by breakout artist Claud. Claud is actually represented by Phoebe Bridgers' new record label Saddest Factory Records, so it all comes full circle. Lastly, I will note my #1 artist this year, Jhene Aiko received her first Album of the Year Grammy nomination for Chilombo and if you haven't heard it yet, that's your homework.

Moving forward, I will probably be posting new playlists every other week or so, but this was a special week with the launch of this ~very exciting~ space & Spotify Wrapped blasting everyone with embarrassing data from the worst year of our lives. Couldn't leave my fans hanging. 

*This is a mildly happy indie pop-ish playlist. If you're only here for the sad stuff, maybe try lightening it up a little with this one.
Hello? Clairo
Soft Spot Claud
Chanel Frank Ocean
We Stayed Up All Night Tourist, Ardyn
Caroline Arlo Parks
Dreamland Glass Animals
ICU Phoebe Bridgers
All Your Love Sir Sly
Shampoo Bottles Peach Pit
Blinding Lights The Naked and Famous I'll probably skip this song every time it comes on but whatever it's funny
Channel Orange in Your Living Room Charlie Burg
Moments - Ben Bomer & Nils Hoffmann Remix Kidnap, Leo Stannard
Guilty Conscience 070 Shake
Someday Now Local Natives

What's your opinion?

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