2022 has been already carved out its place in the hall of fame of most memorable years. Only 5 months in, that's saying a lot about how this year has treated me so far. I started my year with a bucket list full of items that, if crossed off, would make me feel like I had a gratifying year. Sounds like a pretty simple New Years resolution, but it has truly allowed me to craft my time around enjoyable and attainable milestones. By means of this frivolous "North Star" I crafted in December, I have traveled all over the country... I ran a race with my family & friends, helped a few people in need and I've been drinking better coffee. I've been consuming less by building a capsule wardrobe, and speaking of north stars, I set up a trip to see a show at the Red Rocks with some of my closest friends. On a less utopian coming of age story note, I've struggled to reintegrate into city living, gotten covid, written a lot less, & slowed down significantly on some of my other hobbies. Where there is sunshine, there is usually a little sunburn too. 

I am really looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year holds - as a 29 year old. I started making these playlists when I was 22, living in San Diego. I used to sit at the beach with patchy Spotify service and make playlists because they gave me something tangible to hold on to when I was feeling lost. My most loyal listener actually shares a birthday week with me - Rohit, happy 32nd birthday. The annual birthday playlist is the highlight of my year; it provides me the opportunity to reflect on how far us siblings have come in our lives since this tradition began. Sometimes it's hard to believe how much life has changed, but boy am I thankful to be able to share that with him and with you. 

The general feel of the birthday playlists changes every year, depending on what type of music I'm into that year, but you can always count on light spring vibes. I framed the energy of this playlist around the new Cannons album, Fever Dream, which has been a source of inspiration in my life recently. Roll the windows down, start at the first song, and think about what would make you feel like you had a good year. Then go do those things, time is of the essence. 

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