The Perfect Playlist ~ By Zane Stalberg

Anyone who knows me knows that in the past few weeks I have become insufferably obsessed with the music of Father John Misty. As I am prone to do when the moment strikes me, I have delved all the way into a new musical obsession, on a creative and personal level. This particular musical dalliance stems from an interview where the artist in question voiced a sentiment that has always resonated deeply with me.
While discussing the importance of art, he said, 
music does very bizarre things when it comes to pain or isolation, or sadness” and continued on to explain that the connection you form with an artist is based on the idea that you’re falling in love with someone who is articulating something for you.” To that end, I posed a simple question to my friends and family: what do you consider to be a perfect song?
I asked because I love, and am inspired by, the way that art can bring you closer to a stranger, but also even closer to those whom are most important to you. For me, there is nothing quite like the feeling of sharing a song, or any piece of art, that you love with someone, and having them say they love it too. Beyond that, in compiling these songs, I could see the ways in which my loved ones have formed a similar intimacy with the songs, and artists, that have shaped them. In the end, what is more endearing than that?
The idea of perfection is subjective, but these songs are perfect to these people, and in my mind, sharing what you love with the people you love the most is the consummate example of human connection.

What's your opinion?

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