From the Barcelona Archive

I’m writing this (short) post from a plane on its way to Barcelona, because that’s what my life has been like lately. I don’t say that in a braggadocious way, but more to emphasize just how chaotic this year has been. It’s been everything I didn’t know it could be: a rollercoaster, a slap in the face, a warm hug and a cold shoulder. I thought 2022 would start to feel like pre-covid life eventually but instead it brought a revival of disco and a pre-recession. Disco was one of the only good things to come out of previous recessions, and I think it’s because when shit really hits the fan we are all just looking for an escape. May that be in the form of a cross continental flight or a playlist of modern music reminiscent of a disco depression era, an escape has been all I’ve been grasping for lately. If you can relate, throw this playlist on and put real life aside for a bit. 

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