Between The Days of Doubt, There's Good

There are seasons of life, striking a parallel to seasons in the weather. They come and go, usually before we are ready for them to end and we have absolutely no control over how long they last. The only thing we can do is enjoy them while we have them, find the little things that make us happy like the changing colors of the leaves or the deep conversations shared in a dark bar while watching the rain. The fleeting moments become the unshakable memories, if only we knew at the time that those might be the most important moments of the season and to cherish them just a little bit more. Something I've always found difficult & unfair about life is that just as something is starting to feel good, it can end. Winter shows up out of nowhere with weeks of rain and frigid temperatures; people you care for suddenly hurt you by showing how equally frigid and soulless they have the ability to be. 

Learning how to be comfortable with the uncertainty of life is maybe the hardest thing a human has to do in their short time on this spinning ball of soil and water. The fact of the matter is, there will always be another season - figuratively and literally. When one door closes, you're presented with options of if you want to try another door, walk down the hallway, or exit the building. 

This playlist is a collection of songs that speak volumes about the feeling of that door closing a second before you are ready. You don't get to change the past, but you do have complete control over how you react to that premature conclusion. Trying to pry the door open is only going to hurt everyone involved; the only viable option is to walk in a new direction with your head held high. With every sludgy, cold end of winter comes a tiny green sprout of spring; for every loved one that withdraws while you're screaming into the abyss waiting for them to hear you, there is someone else listening. Look around, appreciate the people who stand by you when the earth is on fire.

I took a 4 month hiatus from writing and a lot changed in my life in this last season. I reconnected with some old friends, deleted my most frequently used social media in an effort to be more present, ended a big chapter of my life in the ad agency world and entered a new chapter in corporate America. Not to mention, I saw Dead & Company, Phoebe Bridgers, Glass Animals & The Menzingers live in concert (in person!!) Life has been good. There have been some rainy days, some sweaty summer walks through the city, dinners shared in small towns, and painful fall outs as fall snuck up on us. I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to the start of a new season with love in my heart and good music in my ears. Happy listening and I'll see you all on the other side of that door. 

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