Rainy Days & Silver Linings

That feeling of returning from a vacation and having to face real life... now imagine that but after your first vaccinated vacation since early 2020, returning to daily thunderstorms & constant rain. That's where I'm at right now, and why I put together a playlist for my rainy day. We have some new music from Clairo, COIN, Soccer Mommy, and other rainy day all-stars on this playlist. Still Woozy also announced his debut full length album & tour - I dropped his new single on this playlist as well, it's a banger.

As much as I'm looking forward to all of the upcoming rescheduled tours, the reintegration anxiety has been hitting hard lately. I have so far secured tickets to Dead & Company, Glass Animals & The Menzingers rescheduled tours and my wallet is already feeling a little heat from each new tour announcement. My patch-work solution to the ever present fusion of anxiety, excitement & disarray has been to focus on the present moment and  the task at hand. I'm a serial over achiever: juggling a full time job with about 3-4 side projects, a healthy social life and recently replenished concert calendar. Narrowing my focus to the present has allowed me to breathe away the stress of wondering what's next. Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit right?

A little lesson I learned in the pandemic is that life will pass you by a little too quickly when you're too worried about the future, and all of the ways it could possibly go wrong. Stopping for a deep breath and a relaxing music break can really go a long way. So, stop. Breathe. And take an hour to watch the rain and listen to this collection of chill ass tunes.

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