Hi! I make playlists and review music. Shall we begin?

What kind of playlist curator would I be if I didn't start with a sad one? 2020 has been a weird, heartbreaking, scary, tough, confusing (need I go on?) year. I started the quarantine life with some upbeat, serotonin inducing playlists aptly named "quarantine mix" & "serotonin" before I slowly started to slip back into a place of existential dread. If you're still in the Tiger King/whipped coffee stage of quarantine, I linked the happy playlists for ya above. For the rest of you: the majority of music I indulge in is sad, or slow... in some way emotional. Music always takes me back to the person who introduced me to the band or where I was in my life when I became obsessed and inevitably ruined the song for myself.

     I wanted to start this little pet project off with a collection of songs for you to feel what I've been feeling for the last several months. [If you're just here for the music, skip to the bottom!] I'm excited to start sharing more of what I love to do with my friends, family, strangers of the internet. 

What to expect from this space: You can largely expect random music related opinions, spotify (sorry apple music users) playlists complete with a written list and some footnotes if I have anything interesting to add. I *almost* always keep my playlists named with the date on which I created it so I can go back and relive my feelings from past times.... yep I know, painfully nostalgic. I'll also need some feedback, how often should I be sharing these with you all? Are you more interested in music reviews or just playlists? Anyway, enjoy... or don't - I can't tell you what to do.

    I'm going to go easy on you guys to start, the real tear jerkers are still to come. I'll save those for my next breakup. 


*pro tip: if you copy the link and paste in your Spotify search feature, you can directly save the playlist in your app. Mobile users, just click on the playlist photo above.

Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version) - Phoebe Bridgers, Rob Moose

Afterthought - Joji, BENEE (shoutout Sky Hanson for introing me to this one)

say it over (feat. Cautious Clay) - Ruel, Cautious Clay

I Know The End - Phoebe Bridgers

exile (feat. Bon Iver) - the long pond studio sessions - Taylor Swift, Bon Iver (I promise I'm not going to be bombarding you with T.Swift. - this is just a really powerful version of the original folklore anthem)

I'm on Fire - Soccer Mommy

Goodbye - Cage the Elephant

Strangers Forever - From Exile - The Menzingers (Prepare yourselves now, I'm a Menzingers superfan. Not just an incredible group of writers but really stand up people from Scranton, PA)

midnight love - girl in red

Let Me Love You Like a Woman - Lana Del Rey

In My Place - Live in Sydney - Coldplay

Bubble Gum - Clairo

Younger Days - Mt. Joy

That's all for today, if you made it to the end thank you. I welcome any and all feedback, playlist requests, and appreciate you sharing with your friends and family. Music is a language in itself and one of the ways in which I express my feelings and communicate them. I genuinely appreciate you all for your interest!

What's your opinion?

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