Mario Judah - An Analysis by Shay Dizzy

Let’s all gather around the campfire and sip our Lyrical Lemonade as we discuss the new up and coming rockstar - Mario Judah. This dude loves rockin’ red and black…my favorite color combo…so I’m already feelin’ him from the jump. He sports a plethora of gothic and video game themed attire ranging from Marvel tees to full on Grim Reaper robes and his edgy blend of Hot Topic spiked collars and Chrome Hearts bracelets give me some cryptic vibes as I bop along to his trippy, horrorcore, rockstar raps in awe. Instantly captivated and entranced by his 8 bit tag, “ay man where the fuck is Mario Judah?”, I decide to research him a little bit more as I swig some mulled wine on a snowy night. 

Turns out Mario Judah is a “producer gone rapper” artist, who seamlessly blends his witfully crafted 808s, synths, hi-hats, and snares into the vocals he so desires. This man has some serious range, dude…and I’m talkin, RANGE. Check out the remix he did to DaBaby’s hit “Rockstar” and you’ll see exactly what I mean. His eccentric/stocatto delivery showcases his articulate rapping abilities yet his atmospheric,reverb filled choruses manage to catchily ingrain melodies right into your mind and soul. He might not have the stamina, yet, to perform a full Rolling Loud set…but who gives a shit? This dude is all I could have asked for in 2020. He essentially popped up out of nowhere like a meme and then called out Carti for delaying fans with Whole Lotta Red for two whole years. He gave Carti a Christmas deadline for Christ’s sake - mans is absolutely wylin’ and I’m fuckin here for it. Oh yeah, he’s also just plain ol’ good vibes. Watch his Genius interview and tell me man this man didn’t make you geek out at some point - he’s hilarious, seems pretty damn genuine, and is really well spoken and composed for only being 21 years old. 

Carti announced WLR back in August of 2018 guys… almost two and a half years ago…and Mario Judah is ready to help hold us over. I take another sip of my mulled wine as I watch this man punch a whole banger that sounds identical to Carti on a simple Neumann TLM 103 and mesh pop filter setup. If you’re not too familiar with the recording process, punching is when you record your song in chunks or segments and then blend all the bits and pieces together at the end with mixing instead of one-taking the song. It’s a very common process in the hip hop industry, but audio engineers almost always prefer a one take - it seems to capture the true authenticity of the overall vibe a bit better as well as the different tonalities in an artist’s voice. Plus, a one take is all that more impressive when performing your track live. Here’s a link to the video of Mario Judah going full vampire (on some Edward Cullen shit) and transforming into Carti overnight, or should I say, PLaYboi CaRTii <3  - at 4:42, he starts playing back what he recorded in a mere matter of minutes…and at this point my jaw is touching the damn floor. No way this is real. Oh it’s real…and he’s got visuals with One Room Media to follow up.

As someone who records and engineers their own music as well, I’m highly impressed. This shit sounds clean, and I’m instantly realizing that this dude is here to stay. He has mega potential at such a young age (speaking of which, mans impressively could hold a steady beat on a drum set since the age of 10 months) and his voice sounds really different from anything else I’ve ever heard (when he’s not trying to be Carti). But most important of all, he’s true to himself. Growing up listening to Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Pantera, Mario Judah manages to bring something fresh to the table, more genre-bending hip hop to break us out of our comfort zones. Shit man…this dude is inspiring…I think it’s time to go paint my nails black while I jam out to some Ozzy Osbourne. Oh yeah, can you go and pour me up some more wine while I’m at it? 

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