Music For Your Workday

The title of this post really sums up whatever I'm about to say here, so if you're as busy as I have been lately, skip to the playlist below and get your groove on. 

I've been inspired to put together a playlist of music for my work day by my coworkers who have been sharing some super groovy tunes with me, as well as by a recent need to stay more focused during the day. I can usually vibe out during my 9-5 to just about anything; as my work evolves, so does the music I can play and stay tuned into what I'm working on. Recently, I've found that lofi artists and jam bands from my high school days have been the perfect mix for me. Most of these lofi artists were recommended to me by Spotify, so I can't take credit for them, nor do I have some great story as to how they landed on this playlist. On the other hand, some of my favorite jam bands also make an appearance - and I could talk about them all day. If you haven't poured hours & energy (I'm talking like driving 2+ hours to get out of our small town to the nearest city with a music venue as often as possible) packed into a crowd of people on a psychedelic cocktail grooving to Lotus, Papadosio, STS9... we probably wouldn't have gotten along very well in the late 2000s. ;) 

No need to take my word for why this music quickly made its way onto my list of artists I regularly listen to 10+ years later - listen for yourself here and good luck with that work project you've been avoiding. 

*shoutout to my older brother who went to the ends of the earth to see these bands with me when I was 14, 15, 16 because he knew my parents wouldn't let me go with anyone else. 

photo from Lotus in Boston - August 2009

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