A Lesson on Making the Most of Every Day

 It's pretty amazing what a little Vitamin D and ocean air can do. Every time I'm out west I feel like a different version of myself. It feels more natural to be listening to something upbeat in my headphones, something that will pull me up and keep me there. I've been slowly working on a playlist for walking, working, and background music for an outdoor hang...aka the only things I've been doing for the last year. Recently I've been feeling more disco, french pop, indie dance tunes and it's definitely a far cry from my emotional motion sickness. We've come a long way! I've learned a lot of valuable lessons in the last several weeks, one of which being make the most of every day. It's no secret that I have very little direction in my life right now and an important contributing factor to me making the most of each and every day is staying present & surrounding myself with positive energy - music being the root of that, as always.

Have yourself a listen here. Artists featured:

And since I know you all are wondering, yes I listened to the new Lana album....and I have feelings about it. Not great ones. Stay tuned for a more official opinion in my next post. 

What's your opinion?

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