Super Monster - An Album Review

Releasing their first album (and the first album coming out of Saddest Factory Records) Claud is definitely my pick for breakout artist of the pandemic, and possibly of the year. Super Monster is a very rich, queer love album that absolutely anyone at any age can relate to. This is a masterpiece and I'm expecting some really big things from Claud in the future. 

Opening the 37 minute album with Overnight,  Claud examines the steps to turning your relationship fantasies into reality. The feeling of finally getting something you've been longing for, and then rushing it...maybe even ruining it, is so relatable; I love this as an opening track. It sets the tone for the adolescent, high school love vibe that is so present in the singles. Quickly shifting into Gold with standout lyrics: "I know it's a problem I like falling into your arms. I'm too optimistic for thinking this will work out without an emotional night where we both break down." How 21 year-old Claud manages to take a heartbreaking story and mold it seamlessly with a bedroom pop melody is pretty incredible. I have been playing this song on the way to the gym in the car and singing the lyrics without realizing how much I actually relate to them. Striking a similar tone with Soft Spot, every line alternates between themes of pain and simultaneously hope that there is a future in the relationships that Claud is reflecting on. An exceptional track, In Or In-Between shows Claud's diverse range and their upper register. My heart started beating so fast hearing the tension in their voice when asking "are you in or in between, tell me tell me what you mean [can you spell it out for me]."

The smooth flow of the first half of the album takes us to the innocent Cuff Your Jeans - donning an incredibly catchy melody. The hook "now we're getting close" is a sweet change of pace from the other singles - all carrying a theme of a break or breakup. I love that this song represents the early stages of a relationship, when everything is exciting and full of hope. The trackless begins to take a more volatile turn, dipping down with Ana ft. Nick Hakim in the form of a love letter, or rather a break up note? I got chills when I realized what the message was in these lyrics. There is an expression of desire to do bigger things, independent of the relationship, that feels a little too familiar. By this point with Guard Down, I'm starting to wonder if I can relate to this album so much because mentally I'm still in high school lol. There is a real Taylor Swift Fearless vibe happening here with the notes to self on not letting your guard down. About halfway through, the lyrics start to get a bit repetitive.  This Town is basically a King Princess song in Claud's voice. I liked it, but it felt unoriginal.

We are now recovering from the hangover of the previous two tracks with the thirst-quenching JordanThe city themes throughout the album, but especially on this track, bring me so much pre-covid nostalgia. I love the line "how do I reach you baby I've been thinking lately that you're too good for me."  This is the most raw song on the album and I really appreciate the slower tempo and dreamy background vocals. Just as we were beginning to find more depth, That Mr. Bitch To You ft. Melanie Faye started to give me Avril Lavigne pop punk messiness and was the only song I skipped before reaching the end.

 I had my mind absolutely blown by the opening line of Pepsi, "I hate that you told me to masturbate instead of coming over," and certainly not for the reasons you may believe. My thoughts immediately went to a recent trend of folks recalling the craziest opening line of a song. Many people took this opportunity to revive Lana Del Rey's Cola from the Harvey Weinstein hell hole it has fallen into. It seems as though the Cola opening line, "my pussy tastes like pepsi cola" now seems to have some competition with an suspiciously similarly named track. I'm here for it though. Taking another note from Lana, our first and only melancholy track in the 12th spot on the album - Rocks at Your Window. Lastly, Falling with the Rain ft. Shelly is an airy, dreamy positive closing note to a well rounded and masterfully produced album.  

H/t to Phoebe Bridgers for discovering some serious talent and giving them the space to be so fearlessly themselves. Whether you are going through something good, bad, or ugly you will find a relatable track on this album and that's what makes it a breakout track list in my opinion. 

What's your opinion?

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