Pick Me Up - by Sky Hanson

It’s that time of year again. The impending Valentine’s Day weekend that falls on a Sunday. Now whether you’re into celebrating it or not- I like to take it as an opportunity to reflect on my closest relationships whether they be family, friends, or romantic. It’s been a hell of a past year for everyone and I’m sure we’ve grown closer to some people in our lives and distanced from others (and not just bc of those CDC guidelines lol)

So this post is for my girls. My hype women. The ladies who light up my WhatsApp daily and make life so much more joyful. The one’s I am so grateful I still get to see in SoCal and the one I am missing so much these days (spoiler: it’s you Sonika). Through random chats, therapy sessions, encouragements, promotions, moves, break ups, new chapters - I wouldn't be the woman I am today without them. So here’s an appreciation playlist to the friends who love you through it all and always strive to pick each other up!

My forever Valentines.





Tokyo Nights (Shout out to M for sharing this one!)

Out of My League (rediscovered this 2013 Fitz jam a couple months ago...yes, you are out of his league babe)

To Be Young (28 is still very young right?)

Easy (I love that sweet Troye Sivan and I snuck a little country vibe on here with Kacey)

So Close

Blonde (got to have a Glades song for Sonika and the updates that she’s gonna dye her hair purple in lieu of blonde lol)

Dancing in the Moonlight (I really like this cover)

Be Fine

Dance Dance Dance (Astrid S is an angel- a group favorite)

Violet (for my fellow Scorpio soulmate Safia ily)

Be Cool (bc we never are?)

Dr. Jones (some nostalgic silliness of Aqua for Lulu)

Thank You For Being A Friend (yes, that’s a remix of the famous Golden Girl’s theme song from the My Little Pony movie courtesy of Lulu)

I Love You Always Forever (Betty Who’s cover of a Donna Lewis song for some Vday lovey dovey vibes)

What's your opinion?

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