Gemini Season

It's Gemini season, and you know what that means. Just kidding, I don't even know what that means. I did just read a book about astrology, not because I care that much about upping my zodiac knowledge but mostly because the cover/binding of the book was cute. Isn't that the most Gemini thing ever... or is my incredibly dry humor the most Gemini thing ever? The answer was not in the book so I do not know. If you follow me on Instagram... first of all I'm sorry... but also you know the extent of my astrology knowledge is funny zodiac memes. 

One thing I do know is that I am a Gemini, and that felt like a good enough reason to make a playlist to commemorate Gemini season. When I think of May/June born psychos like myself, I think of a list of songs as erratic as our behavior. This playlist contains a healthy mix of Gemini musicians (read: Lana Del Rey, G-Eazy, Kanye, Jorja Smith) and random new music that I like for summer. Strap in, charge your crystals, and read your horoscope because Gemini season is just getting started. 😈

art by Robin Eisenberg

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